Summer is Here!

on May 28, 2019 Christelle

The kids are still in school but summer is officially in full swing as we kick off the first of 14 weeks of team visits to the Hope Center! This week is a large group mostly from Mississippi and some from Georgia. They’ve only been here for 2 days but have already been pouring into the kiddos! Today some of the young ladies came down to have a dance party with the girls. They had the best time!!

Our first intern for the summer is here also! Anna has known these little ones from the beginning  and has been loving on and pouring into them ever since. She is great with them and it is so nice to have an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands to help out. Anna brought a keyboard down and has been gauging interest to see who wants to pursue some lessons. So far we have a few that seem to enjoy it!

I returned from my trip to the states (we have to renew our passport stamp every 90 days) last Thursday and was greeted with open arms and smiles from the kiddos. I missed them so much! But I was so happy to hear they kept on their chore routine and daily schedule fairly well!

Our oldest 4 kids started taking an advanced English class on Saturday mornings. They are loving it and their English is already improving after just one month. Knowing English well and being able to translate almost guarantees them a job when they need it down the road. It is a great investment that we have the opportunity to make happen for them.

Update on prayer requests:

  • The van! Our good friend, Miguelson, was able to pick up the van from the port last Wednesday and delivered it to the orphanage! He just has to finish registration on it and then Dieudonne will be able to load the kids up for school! I can’t wait to finally be able to ride with them. And the kids are thrilled, too!
  • Water well: I received word tonight that construction on the water well and new piping should begin next week, which means we should only be about 5 weeks out from having constant, clean water!!! Praise the Lord for this! God is good.

A few new things you can be in prayer for:

  • Pray for this continued time of transition and adjusting. I plan to start implementing some long term (hopefully) changes over the next several weeks. And as with any change, I expect some road bumps along the way. Pray they’re only bumps and that we are able to work past them with ease.
  • Pray for our older girls. Being a teenage girl anywhere in the world isn’t easy. Add living in an orphanage, adjusting to new leadership and parental figures, and sharing space with 8 other girls – it has to be hard. Has to be. Pray first and foremost that they know their heavenly Father loves and adores them. Pray they know they are loved by all of us here. Pray they feel seen and heard, especially when they need it most. Pray that I know how to love them well.
  • Continue to pray for Haiti – for the government leaders and officials and the people causing chaos and fear on the streets and in the lives and hearts of so many.

Thank you for praying for and with us!